A project under the Talent Boost activities associated with the internationalisation programme of Finnish higher education institutions

In the spring of 2021, the Finnish government stated in its midterm policy review and spending limits discussion that the number of international degree students in Finland should be tripled by 2030, while increasing their employment and retention rates in Finland to 75%. Through the Talent Boost programme, the government is investing in keeping international students in Finland in the form of business collaboration and by improving the receptiveness and diversity of professional life.

The Talent Boost programme is coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is a cross-administrative programme designed to boost the immigration of senior specialists, employees, students and researchers, with a focus on attracting the kind of talent who will be instrumental for the growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies, and for RDI in the leading growth sectors. It also targets sectors suffering from a labour shortage. The programme aims to raise Finland to a new level in terms of its attractiveness to specialists and their families.

Language Boost is part of the Talent Boost service proposition of the higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education and Culture. The service proposition comprises measures which higher education institutions use to boost the integration of international students and researchers into Finnish society and their entry into the Finnish labour market.

The Talent Boost service proposition of the higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education and Culture state the following:

“We will offer international students education in Finnish/Swedish and new forms of language learning. 

  • Through our collaboration structures, we will develop and offer advanced courses in Finnish as a second language and extend language offerings to students outside each individual higher education institution as well as to the international staff of the higher education institutions who need advanced instruction in Finnish as a second language.”

The Language Boost programme also relates to the Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland (SIMHE) activities recorded in the service proposition. As a special duty, the University of Helsinki and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences serve as what are known as SIMHE institutions, which provide national and regional supervision and guidance to foreign-born individuals who are eligible for higher education as well as support the deployment of good SIMHE practices at other Finnish higher education institutions. The other higher education institutions involved in Language Boost will adopt supervision and guidance practices and services developed at the SIMHE institutions.

At the University of Helsinki, Language Boost is connected to the qualification training in medicine and dentistry for individuals who have completed a relevant degree outside the EU/EEA countries included in the service proposition, particularly to the language studies that are an integral part of the training.

More information about the project

Project goals and development principles

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Project operators

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