1. Cooperation between higher education institutions in teaching Finnish or Swedish as a second language: a national collaboration model and platform

In the sub-project, the content produced by the overall project will be collected under one roof: on the one hand, into a national collaboration network for teaching Finnish/Swedish as a second language, on the other, into a digital online platform.

Operational goals will be drawn up for the national collaboration network of higher education institutions, while a collaboration model will be piloted. Collaboration between higher education institutions is realised in at least national and regional seminars and workshops (also organised by other sub-projects) as well as in the form of collaboratively produced content to be shared on the collaboration platform, with materials and courses that support advanced language studies among the most important.

A collaboration platform or portal will be established to serve three different user groups: students of Finnish/Swedish as a second language, teachers of Finnish/Swedish as a second language and employer representatives. The platform will be built in such a way that the content produced in the overall project will be structured into a clear and easily approachable form that is open not only to international students and staff of Finnish higher education institutions, but also to other international experts in need of it. Among other things, the platform encompasses study and teaching guidance, a course finder, courses, language learning tools, teaching and learning materials as well as a discussion channel. The aim is to safeguard the continuity of operations by ensuring technical and content-related maintenance as well as the preconditions for the functioning of the network.

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2. Digital solutions for language learning and teaching

In the sub-project, means to increase the efficiency of teaching and learning that utilise digital solutions will be developed, trialled and investigated. A particular focus will be on a range of digital resources that learners can use independently or after receiving tips from their teachers (e.g., self-assessment tools, a dictionary for advanced learners) […]

3. Language pedagogy models for teaching and supervision

In the sub-project, a model will be developed for language teaching and the supervision of learning that can be applied in the language instruction provided by universities and higher education institutions. The model will be based on thematic and situational teaching and supervision, focusing also on functioning in professional life […]

4. Language learning paths and models from higher education to employment

In this sub-project, paths to learning Finnish and Swedish will be modelled and developed for the needs of international master’s programmes as well as the orientation and mentoring of the higher education institutions’ international staff […]

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Project goals and development principles

The overall project is guided by three principles founded on current research-based knowledge: Continuous learning and supporting it through sustainable assessment […]  

Project operators

The project is carried out collaboratively by Aalto University, the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Helsinki, the Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences […]

A project under the Talent Boost activities associated with the internationalisation programme of Finnish higher education institutions

In the spring of 2021, the Finnish government stated in its midterm policy review and spending limits discussion that the number of international degree students in Finland should be tripled by 2030, while increasing their […]