Project goals and development principles

The overall project is guided by three principles founded on current research-based knowledge:

In other words, the central premise is that language is learned not only in language courses and as a result of individual effort, but also everywhere in our environment in interaction with other people. The primary setting for learning languages is not language courses, but the everyday and institutional situations in which people are involved. The key duty of language teaching is to guide people to actively observe their language environment, encourage them to use Finnish or Swedish, and provide them with tools for effective self- and peer assessment to enable them to increasingly develop their skills on their own as well.  

In practice, the project is looking for ways to support learners and their immediate communities in enhancing language learning as well as to produce learning paths, pedagogical models, digital solutions and support materials that are based on the ways identified in the process. The results of the project will help

The development will result in the following for nationwide use:  

In project implementation, the emphasis is on the research-based development of digital solutions for language learning and instruction.

More information about the project


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Project operators

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